Railroad Accidents

Railroad Accidents – Aggressive and Experienced Representation for Railroad Accident Victims

My firm represents people who have been injured as a result of train accidents, train collisions, train derailments, and train crashes in Indiana. Train accidents often occur because of derailment, driver negligence, collision with a car or bus, collision with another train, mechanical failure, unprotected crossings and poor track maintenance.

Railroad accidents can result in serious injuries including head injuries, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn injury, amputation injuries, back and neck injuries, multiple fractures (broken bones) requiring surgical repair, other serious injuries and death in some cases.  Injuries may require extensive time and rehabilitation to heal, and some injuries may recur in the future.

No one can change the past, but working together, we can change what happens next.

I am dedicated to understanding how a serious injury affects my clients’ lives, and obtaining the financial compensation they justly deserve. In pursuit of this goal, my firm employs a registered nurse and consults with a variety of experts who provide invaluable insight into how an accident occurred, how the injury may affect my client’s ability to earn a living or perform normal activities, and what medical complications they may experience in the future because of their injury.

My firm will quickly investigate your accident claim, evaluate the severity of your injuries, and make sure that you receive fair and reasonable compensation as soon as possible so that you can get on with your life.

For experienced help after a train accident or to talk to me about your injury, contact James F. Ludlow, Attorney at Law, P.C. My firm can be reached toll-free at (877) 897-9466 or by filling out the simple form on the Contact Us page.