Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries – Aggressive, Effective, and Experienced Representation

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 11,000 Americans suffer a spinal cord injury, and more than 1,000,000 sustain a brain injury every year. Among the most common causes of brain and spinal cord injuries are falls and motor vehicle accidents.

I am dedicated to helping the families of people who have suffered a serious brain or spinal cord injury. If you or a loved one sustained a brain or spinal cord injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, my goal is to see that you receive just compensation for your injuries.

No one can change the past, but working together, we can change what happens next.

When a serious brain or spinal cord injury occurs, unfortunately such injuries often result in permanent impairment and disability. In considering the amount of compensation that a person with such injuries justly deserves, it is always important to understand and document what medical care the injured person will require over their remaining lifetime.

To accomplish this task, I often will employ an expert in life-care planning. Such an expert works with the client’s treating physicians and is very familiar with the long-term medical needs of people with serious injuries. After performing an in depth assessment, this expert creates a report which provides an estimate of what medical care the client will require in the future and the cost of such care, so that these expenses can be recovered in the client’s personal injury claim.

In traumatic brain injury cases, even though the injured person may appear normal, many medical studies have shown that a brain injury may continue to manifest itself in subtle but significant ways. This can include everything from behavioral or personality changes to difficulties with memory and processing information. As a member of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana, I have experience with understanding these injuries, how to objectively prove what neurological deficits may exist because of an injury, and how these problems may affect my client’s life, both now and in the future.

Brain and spinal cord injuries have many causes, including car accidents , semi truck accidents and falls due to nursing home negligence . I have helped clients with a variety of related conditions, such as:

  • Paralysis (paraplegic and quadriplegic)
  • Serious neck injury
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Back injuries

Helping You Protect a Loved One with a Serious Brain Injury

A brain injury can decrease a person’s ability to process facts, reason, retain information, and interact in a socially acceptable way. Brain and spinal cord injuries can also result in emotional turmoil as family members try to protect and support their injured loved one.

As part of my representation, I will provide a clear assessment of the compensation you or your family member will need for a lifetime of care and accommodations— such as rehabilitation and cognitive therapy — that is often necessary after a brain or spinal cord injury. I will also perform an in-depth assessment of how this injury will affect your ability to earn a living. As your attorney, I will strive to obtain a settlement or jury award that encompasses all of your needs.

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