Attorney Referrals

As part of the free consultation that I provide, I often am asked by prospective clients whether they need to hire a lawyer in their particular case. In answering their question, I often use an analogy of a homeowner who is attempting to replace a simple light switch in their home, as compared to attempting to redo the electrical wiring in their entire house. Most people can figure out how to replace a simple light switch without the need to hire an electrician. However, wiring an entire house is a different matter entirely. In the same way, a small case may not require a lawyer, whereas a serious injury case requires an experienced personal injury lawyer who is well versed in personal injury law and the medical issues involving the specific injury(s).

In my practice, I also see attorneys who are general practitioners attempt to handle a serious personal injury case because they have either represented the client in the past in another matter, or  because the client is a friend of a friend. However, because they have no or very little experience in developing or trying such cases the end result can often be a frustrated lawyer and an unhappy client. The liability insurer for the person who caused the accident is often well aware of this lack of experience and thus refuses to pay a reasonable settlement amount. In the end the claim consumes a great deal of time and worry without a satisfactory result for the attorney or client.

I am also frequently asked by referring attorneys to assist them with complicated or difficult cases.  This enables the referring attorney to concentrate on what they do best in their general law practice, while the personal injury client is properly represented and fair and reasonable compensation is obtained. Co-counsel or referral opportunities are available in which fees are divided in accordance with the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct.

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